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Brissae Valdes 

Actor. Model. Creator 

About Me 

  Brissae Valdes is a Afro-Latinx actor born and raised in Union City, NJ. Story-telling has always been a huge part of Brissae's life. In fact, every Sunday at her Abuela's house she would stand in the middle of the living room and speak while the rest of her family members sat around enjoying her Abuela's empanadas and a little bit of café con leche.

    As time flew, and high school happened…. Her love for acting grew stronger. She auditioned for the musicals at her school. From there on she began to explore different playwrights, screenplays and Broadway shows, however it does not stop there. 

    After she graduated high school,  Brissae attended Montclair State University’s BFA Acting program where her curiosity for acting expanded, and her technique(s) improved.  After graduating from a great school, Brissae strives to learn more about the industry with every opportunity she books.  Brissae is determined to share the stories of others on all legit platforms. One day she hopes to share her Story.  

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